Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Letter to DG Regarding Visit to New Delhi for Discussion on Charter of Demand



1) Shri S.C. Sharma, President, AIASA, Lucknow Circle Unit, Lucknow.

2) Shri Bhim Sain, Vice-President, AIASA, H.D. No. II Unit, New Delhi.

3) Shri Sanjay Angarey, Member JCM-AIASA, Bhopal Circle Unit, Bhopal.

4) Shri R.K. Dwivedi, CWC Councillor, AIASA, Pre-History Branch, Nagpur.

Sub: Visit to Directorate Office on 30.11.2010 for attending Meeting with the Director General – Reg.

Dear Friends,

I write to inform you that consequent upon the Charter of Demand submitted by this Association for launching Demonstration, the Director General is of the opinion that the points submitted as per the Agenda can be discussed and solved amicably in order to mitigate the problems of members and has fixed the date for 30.11.2010 at 15.00 hrs in his Chamber. A list comprising of the above CWC Members from the Staff Side was submitted to the Director General for attending the Meeting and the Director General has requested me to inform the above team of members for discussions.

In this connection, I would request you kindly to attend the said meeting without fail and arrange to reach New Delhi on the morning of 30th November 2010. I will be contacting you over mobile on reaching New Delhi. Kindly confirm your programme through E-mail/Fax.

Expecting you to meet at New Delhi on 30th.

Yours faithfully,


(B.A. Chandra Shekhar)

Secretary General

Copy to the Superintending Archaeologist, A.S.I., Lucknow Circle/Bhopal Circle/Pre-History Branch, Nagpur, Deputy Superintending Horticulturist, A.S.I., H.D. No. II, Safdarjung Tomb, New Delhi for kind information and with a request to kindly depute the abovesaid Office Bearers to New Delhi for attending the Meeting on 30.11.2010 representing the staff side.

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