Saturday, December 4, 2010

Outcome of the Meeting on 17 Points of Charter of Demands

Decision taken on the Agenda dated 10/10/2010 (i.e., Charter of Demands) received from Secretary General, AIASA, Meeting held on 30.11.2010 at 4.00 P.M. in the Committee Room of the Office of the Director General, ASI under the Chairmanship of Director General, ASI, New Delhi.

The Meeting was held in the Committee Room and the following were present.

1. Shri Gautam Sen Gupta, Director General

2. Shri Pravin Srivastava, Addl. D.G.,

3. Shri D.R. Gehlot, Jt. D.G. (Admn)

4. Shri Amarnath, Deputy Director (A/cs)

5. Smt Urmila Sant, Director (Antiquity & Museums)

6. Shri Jahnwiz Sharma, Director (Conservation)

7. Shri G.K. Kalra, Section Officer (Admn.I)

8. Shri Rajinder Kumar, S.O. (Adm.II)

9. Shri R.K. Bharti, S.O. (Adm. Planning)

Staff Side

1. Shri B.A. Chandra Shekhar, Secretary General

2. Shri S.C. Sharma, President

3. Shri Bhim Sain, Vice-President

4. Shri Sanjay Angarey, JCM Member

5. Shri Kailash Chandra Joshi, JCM Member

6. Shri R.K. Dwivedi, CWC Councillor

Points of Agenda

Action taken


Filling up of vacant posts of Group D (upgraded Gr C Posts) fallen vacant w.e.f. 1.4.2009 on time bound consequent to Retirement/Death Cases etc., for strict and effective implementation of the recently amended A.M. & S.R. Act 2010 and strict vigil of the precious Antiquities displayed in the Galleries etc. Non filling of these posts has created frustration among employees as also resulting in non regularization of long standing Temporary Status Casual Labourers.

It was informed that the statement regarding the existing vacant posts w.e.f. 1.4.09 has been received from the concerned offices and compiled. Permission will be accorded to the concerned S.A’s of Circles for filling up of 585 posts of Monument Attendants as per the existing vacant strength and the same will be communicated within one month.


Undue delay in according permission to the S.A’s of Circles for filling up of vacant posts of Conservation Staff on priority basis causing great problem to the S.A’s in posting to Sub-Circles for smooth administration, achieving Physical and financial targets fixed by the Directorate in time to time and for strict and effective implementation of the recently amended Act 2010.

Roster Points in respect of Foreman (W) is ready and will be communicated to the concerned by 7th December 2010 and as regards C.A. Gr.I and C.A. Gr. II, the same will be communicated within 10 days for filling of these posts on time bound.


Announcing of the results of the Written Test and Conduct of Typing Test for the qualified Gr D Staff for the posts of Lower Division Clerks through Limited Competitive Examination as per the decision of the JCM

It was agreed to conduct the Typing Test in the First Week of February 2011 at Institute of Archaeology, New Delhi and to send letters to the qualified candidates before 10.12.2010 for obtaining Rail Reservations well in advance for attending the test.


Issue of orders for Revision of Opening hours of the Site Museums as per the Agreement of the JCM from 10.00 A.M. instead of 8.00 A.M.

Consequent upon the revival of the Museum Branch w.e.f. 1.4.2010, the Director (Museums), ASI, New Delhi vide Lr. No. 18-42/2009-Mus dated 2.12.2010 issued orders for functioning of all Museums from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. with immediate effect.


Restoring of Weekly Holidays of Museums on Fridays/Mondays as per the decision of the JCM.

Consequent upon the revival of Museum Branch w.e.f. 1.4.2010, Director (Museums), ASI, New Delhi vide Lr. No. 18-42/2009-Mus dated 2.12.2010 issued orders for closing of all Museums on Fridays with immediate effect.


Preparation of All India Seniority List of the qualified Gr D Staff and filling up of the post of L.D. Clerks against 5% Quota.

Reminder III has been sent vide Lr. No. F.No.12-2/2010-Adm.I dt. 18.11.10 to Aurangabad, Guwahati Circles, Institute of Archaeology, Building Survey Project and Excn. Br. II, New Delhi for sending the information within a week and on receipt of the information action will be taken to fill up the post through All India seniority and the entire process will be completed within one month.


Convening of D.P.C. and lssue of promotion orders in respect of Surveyor, Draughtsman Gr.II which is pending for more than 10 years.

It was informed that D.P.C. has been convened for promotion of 5 Posts of Draughtsman Gr.II and orders issued. As regards Surveyor Gr. I DPC will be convened and orders issued within 15 days.


Amendment of R.R. for filing up of the posts of Group D posts (upgraded Gr C) and Conservation Cadre.

As regards the filling of Group “D” posts, R.R. has been amended and approved by the Director General, ASI, New Delhi in the ratio of 70 : 30 and the same has been sent to D.O.P.T. for Gazette Notification. As regards amending of R.Rs of Conservation Cadre, the file is under submission with Director (Conservation)


Clearing of ACP/MACP cases pending in various cadres for past many years.

Since all the cases have been cleared, the matter was dropped.


Issue of Circular to all the Head of Offices for timely convening of Office Council Meetings once in Four Months as per the guidelines of the DOPT without fail and minutes of the O.C.M. to be sent to Directorate and Secretary General.

A letter has already been sent to all the Head of Offices vide Lr.No. F.7-2/2010-Adm.II dated 23.11.2010 for convening of O.C.M’s once in four month without fail.


Posting of Assistant Archaeologist for Hazarduari Palace Museum, Murshidabad without any further lapse of time.

Addl. D.,G., A.S.I., New Delhi has assured that action will be taken in the matter immediately.


Stern Action against Shri D.K. Singh, A.S.A.M. Gwalior Museum for his atrocities, vindictive and callous attitude adopted by him towards the employees of Gwalior Sub-

Addl.D.G., A.S.I., New Delhi has assured that action has been initiated in the matter and orders will be issued within a week.


Modification of Orders and issue Corrigendum withdrawing the powers delegated to the Zonal Heads of Museums in respect of Approval of Tour Programmes/Sanction of T.A/L.T.C. Advances of Group C and D Staff and restoring the same with the A,S,A,M’s of concerned Museums.

After a prolonged discussion, Director General informed Director (Museums) to issue orders restoring the powers to A.S.A.M’s of concerned Museums within a week.


Declare all A.S.A.M’s of Site Museums in A.S.I. as Head of Offices and D.D.O’s.

The matter is already under active consideration. However it is informed that necessary orders will be communicated to the concerned within 2 days.


Promotional Avenues in respect of various cadres viz., Marksman, Electrician, Store Keeper, Khansama etc., to be opened.

As per R.Rs the Marksman will be promoted to the post of Draftsman Gr.III and D.P.C. will be convened and orders issued expeditiously. The R.Rs to the posts of Electrician, Storekeeper and Khansama have no avenue of promotion. However the Director General had assured that the matter will be looked into at the earliest.


Supply of Special variety of Uniforms to Group D Staff working in World Heritage Site.

File is under Submission to IFD (Culture), Ministry of Culture for their concurrence and the matter will be pursued expeditiously.


The Letters of the Association written by the Secretary General/C.W.C. Members are not properly and timely responded by the Directorate and other Head of Offices.

Necessary orders already issued by the Directorate vide Lr. No. F.7-2/2010-Adm.II dated 23.11.10 to all the Head of Offices for taking action in the matter.


Issue of Circular to all Head of Offices for issue of N.O.C. for Passport of Group C & D. Staff as per the JCM Agreement.

It was agreed to Delegate the Powers to Regional Directors for issue of permission for N.O.C. for passport in respect of Group C and D employees.


Providing of Attendance Register to the Staff working in Horticulture Branch at Kushinagar and Jaunpur (U.P).

The matter was agreed to and the Addl. D.G. informed Deputy Director (A/cs) to issue necessary instructions to Dy.S.H. I/c, H.D. No. II, Agra for issue of Attendance Register forthwith as per rules.


Date for Next Pay Anomaly Committee Meeting.

It was agreed to convene the next pay anomaly committee Meeting on 21st December 2010.


Issue of instructions to the S.A., A.S.I., Aurangabad Circle for reimbursement of Transportation charges to the Staff working at Ajanta Caves.

The Deputy Director (A/cs) was informed to pursue the matter with the S.A., Aurangabad Circle through Telephone.


Retention of Transferred post of A.S.A.M. at World Heritage Site Museum, Hampi, Kamalapur immediately.

The Addl. D.G., had assured to take necessary action in the matter in consultation with Director (Museums).


Enhancement of Entry Fee Ticket at Hazarduari Palace Museum, Murshidabad.

Director (Museums), A.S.I., had assured that the matter is being looked into.

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