Tuesday, August 7, 2012

(Recognized by Govt. of India)     

B.A. CHANDRA SHEKHAR                             Tipu Sultan Museum
SECRETARY GENERAL                                  SRIRANGAPATNA–571438
Mob: 9449854779                                                              Website : aiasasrp.blogspot.in
Email – sg_aiasa_tsm@yahoo.co.in                                      Dated:  2nd AUGUST 2012



Dear Friends,
I am very much pleased to inform you all that in continuation of this Association letter dated 25th June 2012 issuing Notice to the Director General, ASI, New Delhi with copies endorsed to the authorities concerned submitting the Charter of Demands and the same was posted in the website of ASA for staging Massive Dharna in front of Directorate office on 10th August 2012.  Further, as per the request of the Director (Administration), ASI, New Delhi, a committee of the Staff Side comprising of President, Vice President, Secretary General and some of the JCM Members held discussion with the Director (Admn), ASI, New Delhi on 27th July 2012 in order to discuss and sort out the problems as per the charter of demands amicably across the table.  Since no favourable and concrete decision has been taken by the Directorate within the reasonable time, this Association is left out with no option and is compelled to stage Dharna to mitigate our genuine and long outstanding problems as already agreed in the 63rd and 64th JCM Meetings and as per the resolution adopted in the CWC Meeting of Aurangabad.

Accordingly, the CWC has taken a final decision to postpone the Dharna for 23rd and 24th August 2012.      

All the CWC Members, Unit Secretaries, UWC Office bearers and Members of this recognized association are requested to make it convenient to attend the ensuing Dharna in large numbers to prove our Unity and Solidarity and make the Dharna a Grand Grand Success.  All the Office bearers are requested to give wide publicity of this Notification well in advance so as to enable the members to obtain Rail Reservations and to take part in the Massive Dharna. Accordingly, the Members are requested to submit Earned Leave applications well in advance to their Head of Offices mentioning the grounds   for attending the Dharna.

All the Unit Secretaries are requested to bring the Banners of their Units in their language along with them to the venue.  The Posters both in English and Hindi will be posted on the Web Site of ASA.  They are requested to download the same, get it printed as many copies they require, circulate the same to all the sub-units and paste it at appropriate places.  All the CWC Members and Unit Secretaries are requested to organize Gate Meetings at the Circle/Sub-circle and at appropriate levels and send the paper/Photo clippings of the same to the Secretary General through e-mail for necessary action.   

         All the Members are requested to reach New Delhi positively on 22nd August 2012 evening. Arrangements are being made at Pahar Ganj, Opposite New Delhi Railway Station, New Delhi for the comfortable stay of our members from 22nd August to 24th August. Lunch will be provided at the venue of Dharna on both days. 

For Assistance: For any assistance / information, the members are requested to contact the mobile number mentioned below. 

1) Shri Bhim Sain, Vice-                                                     09810948656
2) Shri Kailash Chandra Joshi, JCM Member                09811040060          
3) Shri Rajinder Kumar, Unit Secy. H.D. No. II               09891994636
4) Shri Rajpal, Delhi Circle Unit                                        09868114630

As computerized rail tickets booking are available in most parts of the country, they are requested to reserve their Onward and Return rail journey tickets on their own.

            Dear Friends, ASA is a staunching force taking care of the welfare measures and has come  to the  rescue of its members at right times for the past 50 years and we are living like one big family.  Since inception ASA has braved so many onslaughts do divide its homogenous structure.  So do not yield to any pressure or whatsoever from any corner.  Be United and prove our Unity and Solidarity which is the need of the hour.

            I, therefore, make a fervent appeal among all the members to exhibit STRONG UNITY & SOLIDARITY by participating in the Massive Dharna in large numbers to make it a Historic and Memorable One.

         Eagerly awaiting to meet you all in person.

                                    ARCHAEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF INDIA ZINDABAD



                                                                                                  Yours fraternally,


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